A few words about us We combine experience with modernity and innovation
  • WHY US ?
  • We are a Polish company specializing in activity and support of the Polish railway market. We have the status of an Notified Body by the European Commission No. 2008/57/EC and we have the accreditation of the Polish Centre of Accreditation No. AC 201.
    INFRACERT TSI is also the official representative of one of the European oldest, Swedish Notified Body VANAHEIM AB, which has a notification of the European Commission No. NB 1807 acting also in the area of Directive 2008/57/EC.

    As a consortium of NoBo’s we have many years of experience in Poland and Europe in the following scope: certification of interoperability constituents and subsystems, assessments of safety, including the risk management process and a widely understood education and support of entrepreneurs functioning in the railway market.

    We have been successfully cooperating with a group of Polish and European companies, including a representation of carriers, managers, producers of railway elements and vehicles and companies providing construction services in the market of transport infrastructure.

    Dear Madams and Sirs,
    I have been  professionally, but most of all with my heart connected with the Polish railway transport for over 50 years. I have been supporting the Polish technological thought as the initiator of many technical solutions and patents in the field of railway transport, I know how important it is to ensure innovation, professionalism and the best quality of carried out railway activity.
    As a former employee of railway entities, scientific institutes and administration, I have always put the safety and the development of the Polish and European railway system at first place. My long lasting experience, scientific involvement, also as a university lecturer, has always been targeted at the intention to share knowledge and experience and common efforts have always been addressed for the benefit and development of the railway transport.
    I wish to continue the dynamic support of the development of the Polish and European railroading, so I encourage you to contact our company and to cooperate with us.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Best regards,

    PhD. Eng. Andrzej Maciejewski
    Board President of INFRACERT TSI sp. z o.o.
  • We have a team of the best Polish and European specialists and we permanently cooperate with a group of practicing experts, who have many years of experience in the scope of functioning of the Polish and European railway transport.  Our employees have a wide knowledge obtained during many years of experience in the railway sector, public administration, scientific institutions and technical university education.

    Every time we rely on the choice of adequate qualifications, dedicated to the specific nature of carried out tasks and projects. It enables both the implementation of modern and innovative solutions and guarantees the highest quality of provided services.

    Our team is made of a group of independent experts, including employees with academic degrees, whose knowledge and versatile skills guarantee reliable and professional approach to carried out tasks.

    We constantly rely on the professional development of employees and at the same time on the development of the company, among others by an active participation in current scientific events in the field of railroading and active exchange of experience and experts knowledge on the European level.

  • Our entity was established with the thought of the future of the Polish railway transport. We work for the benefit of the Polish railroading, we connect our long lasting experience and passion with our willingness to support the market with the aim to obtain full interoperability of the system, including safety, reliability and quality of provided railway services. We support innovative actions, which provide opportunities to build both modern, as well as friendly system of railroading in Poland and in Europe.

    Our mission
    "We create the future of the Polish railroad industry - reliability, safety and modernity of the railway transport."

    Our vision
    "We combine experience with modernity. We understand the importance of railway in the transport system, that is why we support the market and our Clients completely. Thanks to common efforts the Polish railway transport is becoming not only friendly and safe, but most of all modern and full of innovative solutions. High quality and satisfaction and trust of our Clients represent the highest value for us."
Safety assessment As a few on the Polish railway market, we offer a comprehensive range of services.​
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